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March 14, 2015 Article 1

The most important words of our life are what will be my profession. Some people choice their profession and some people chosen by their profession. Now it’s up to you what you wish for.

At the present time photography is one of the most admired works to perform. Many people do photography for only their interest. And the minority people do cause that is their passion.

Sometimes interest becomes passion and passion become career. Thus concentrate on your passion. That is very obvious that photography is the elegant profession to do. So if you are on the track or if you are thinking about it or if you are would like to be a skilled photographer then this is the right time to move on.

Now, the question is HOW? In that ingredient most of the people get stuck. Let’s do it easy for you.

Make Decision:

Every person begins with a dream. Find out your dreams. Ask yourself why you are here. And make a decision that what you want to do. And just work for it. Keep in mind one thing that one good decision can change your life and one wrong decision can destroy your life so before you make any decision just think once again, think once again, and think once again.

Focus on Photography

If you want to become an expert photographer then focus on photography. Accomplish various studies about photography. Learning does not mean that you have to go to any institution or school. You can learn by yourself, which is the superlative education of the humankind. And nowadays it is very easy to learn by own self. Just go to the internet and you will get more site or articles about photography.

I can also give you some site here|||

Know Your Equipment’s:

Knowing camera and others tools which is linked to photography is the key ingredients for capture outstanding photographs. So you have to know your camera and tools. Just pick your camera and start clicking that is the significant way to know your camera. There is no any other superior way.


Every photo has some story. That means every photographer is a storyteller. If your photo does not tell any story then it is just a photo. And anyone can capture a photo but the only photographer can capture a creative photo. Just clicking photo does not mean that you are a good photographer.

How creative your photographs that are important, and that makes you a real photographer. That is why observation is very important. So what is the way for do observation? Firstly, observe real life, nature. Every day you are watching thousands of subjects around you. So watch them very closely. Make visible of invisible thing this is also a principal part of the art.

Secondly, watch three thousand photo sin a day. There have lots of photography site where all photographers from all over the world submit their photographs. Watching the photographs will also help you to understand the composition of photograph or subject.

So, those are the best way of observing. You can also share your photographs with other through those sites. Few popular site is here for you || |

Build Your Portfolio:

Succeeding to doing the entire steps, now you are approximately ready to shoot enhanced the photo with better composition. Now you make your portfolio and begin allotment with expert’s photographers.

It will help you to create your own standard of photography. Nowadays, the website is the enormous way to present your own creativity to others; this is the smart way to express your talent. You can create your free website from here|| or you can build your website with expert’s designer all over the world www.top10 best

Create Pattern:

There are many different types of photography are available all over the world. But all are not proverbial with everyone. Only a few are famous, top ten types are here:

1. Landscape Photography
2. Wildlife Photography
3. Aerial Photography
4. Night Photography
5. Portrait Photography
6. Architectural Photography
7. Wedding / Event Photography
8. Fashion Photography
9. Macro Photography
10. Family / Baby Photography

You need to choose your photography type. It does not mean that you have to do it although it will construct you different from others. Discover that why you clicking a photo. Make your vision clear to you. It will help you for bringing out more extraordinary photographs.

Now you are organized to express yourself as a skilled photographer. It’s time to move on with your talent and fulfill your dream with your passion. This is the moment to show the world that how creative you are, pick your camera walk off and start clicking and show the world that you are a true artist.

Tanbir Hasan


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