Camera Setup for Panorama Film Shoot

November 13, 2016 Panorama Film, Production Practice 0

That is the very challenging part for us to shoot the panorama film as there is no proper panorama film camera setup in the market now. So we have to make our own solution. At the very beginning, we were thinking about to shoot with three cameras by putting them  in separate tripods at the same time but there is an issue if we put cameras in the different tripod as we will join them in post-production in order to make it a panorama.

If we use the separate tripod then  the footage position will do not match to each other and it should not happen. The prefix should not be visible to the audience.

Finally, we come up with an idea which is rod support. Means we will use rod support in a single tripod in order to set up three cameras at one tripod. This is the solution give us the opportunity to make our invention happen. But we are not done yet because it’s just the solution for join the footage but we need lens solution too. It’s very important to choice your lens when you are going to merge the footage next to each other. We choice 50 mm and 85 mm lens so that we can avoid the lens distortion. If you don’t care about this then it will give you trouble while you will working on joining the footages.

Now it’s time to implement our solution to test does it work or not. We book three 5D MarkII cameras and three 50 mm (1.4) and 85 mm lens equipment’s from our campus studio.





What is lens Distortion – About Nasim Mansurov (Photographer, founder of Photography Life)

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