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November 09, 2016 Panorama Film, Production Practice 0

This is the very first moment when we were thinking about the idea for our Production practice film project. The idea is needed because you have to invent something new in the methods of film production. It could be anywhere like pre-production or post-production.

During the process of the generating idea we thoughts about a couple of invention  which can be added in the film method. And eventually, we come up with one idea for our project. I listed all the idea we were thinking of.

Virtual Reality film (360° film)

VR is going to be the upcoming more popular method for watching the video. You can already find VR videos on the internet which attracting more people towards the video to watch.  We were interested in doing VR film but then we think that there is nothing new about it. VR camera setup is already invented and people are using this randomly. Some people also making short films using VR camera. Finally, we move to our second idea. But it’s pretty sure that VR is going to be the next milestone for our visual industry.

Six Screen Setup

The main concept of this was to show the audience more different shots  at the same time by split the screen in six. Three Screen in the top and 3 on the button. We can use four screens together for the single shots and rest two screens for other shots like the close-up or extreme close-up.


Four Screen with individual story

Running four different type of story in four screens at the same time that’s the point of this invention. We talked altogether about this. But it seems that if we run this then how we will control the audio. Maybe this can be solved by using headphones for individuals. But still, you are putting your audience where they will be district by watching four screens at the same time. Overall it’s an absurd thing for us even for the audience. Might be this issue also be resolved but in the meantime, we find something more interesting which is Panorama Film.


Panorama Film

Panorama is something that we really like to work on but it’s very challenging as we do not have any camera which is created to shoot panorama shots. You can shoot VR which far easy to shoot as the VR camera is available now. We were talking about the possible solution for that and come up with an idea which might work but still we need to test it. On the following days, we did a test. Finally, we can say that its work. But still, we are confused because we use mobile video footage for our test. Although we decided to move with this Panorama film project. We choice this panorama film project because it’s challenging at the same time it is something we are doing the very first time. Here is the first mobile test result for you:

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