Story Selection

November 23, 2016 Panorama Film, Production Practice 0

We come up with the different stories for this panorama film but story selection was a difficult part for us. As this is a new ratio  film that is why the story and the narration of the film should be talking to each other so that audience can get connected with the story and the new ratio of the film.

Since its a new screen ration that’s why we are pretty sure that people will get shocked or surprised to watch a film with a new ration. And our focus is to make it comfortable for the audience so its does not seem disturbing.

After discuss we pick up a story what is about a photographer and a university girl. This story gives us an opportunity to work more with the new screen ratio.  Now it’s time to take this story to the next level, yes it’s the time to write the script. Ben and Nop help me a lot to write the Script. We start working in the library on the script at 2 pm  and finish it around 10:30 pm at night.

Although in our run though we made changed in our script many times. Until we shoot we made 3 version of the script. Because at the beginning, the story and the script were too long for 3-5 minute short film. So we had to drop some sequences to make it more attractive and fit the time.

List of Script Version –









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