November 07, 2016 Film Screenwriting 2

Live Your Dream

By Tanbir Hasan



Colvin is the 29 years old successful businessman with dissatisfaction in his mind. The main reason for unhappiness is his profession, though he become a successful business man but he always wanted to a Photographer. His parents especially his father do not like him to doing all this photography activity which do not help him to support his family. As he is from a middle class and conservative family that means he has to do something so that he can financially support his family.  He was the very renewed photographer in his campus, community even he got few award from different photography organization. Just because of his parents he leaves photography and ends up as a businessman. But he has the full support of his girlfriend and friends. Now he is making his mind start all over again. Eventually, he handed over his business to his younger brother and he began his new expedition to live his dream life.

Throughout his new path, he experiencing a different type of obstacle including financial problem which is not easy to handle. Day by day it’s getting more challenging to move forward. However, he never give-up and holds his encouragement to achieve his dream. He knocks various studios and submits his portfolio but none of this helps him out. By the time he reaches the highest point of the frustration.

One point he starts doing small shoots like marriage, the anniversary which makes him feel like he is losing himself.  Later on, Colvin set up his own photo studio which becomes his dream studio but after few days its starts losing clients.

Conclusively he comes up with an idea where he did not need to find client any more client will find him. He starts building his website as a media a selling the photos. It takes almost one year to prepare everything to get the start. When it’s introduced to customers as a results it’s become zero. Nobody buying photos from the internet. It’s like a shock for Colvin. But he yet not gives up. He goes to his office and never come back until he finds the solution for that. He identifies the problem and gets the resolution for that.

His site becomes a revolutionary tool for the photography industry. Corporate companies start buying photos from his site and that’s how he become a successful photographer.


Around the year of 2000 in London city

Visualization Style:

 Narrative of the film will be into lines one is the present time and another one is passed. Means two-time will be shown simultaneously.

Story Structure:




Based on Single Protagonist








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